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Anjani Rashmitha
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Alcohol Pissed at Weed: Why Booze Hates Pot?.  lmao so true!

Alcohol vs Marijuana legalize-drugs-end-prohibition


Just imagine walk into school with that sweater!Or get your Senior Pic done with that thing!

Yeah idk whats wrong with my friend but she drinks not smoke and i watch her throw up all night will i float in space

Weed quote - Not a huge proponent of either - but this was funny!

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When one smokes Herb. So true, couldn't have said it any better.

What do YOU like to watch? I enjoy some of these, or Paul, Pineapple Express, The I'm sure several others. I'll think of em later. ♡-tblazes.

Requiem would be a terrible movie to watch while high on weed. Too heavy of a movie for pot- I think.

Benefits of marijuana. Just saying, if you are into that kind of thing it looks like you could be benefitting in more ways than your silly mind may think(: <3

Is it bad that I think this is funny? Unfortunately, there does seem to be a big difference between eating organic hemp products versus smoking for THC.This infographic explains 10 major health benefits of marijuana!