yoga, this flexibility impresses the hell out of me. I will be this flexible someday.

Strike a Yoga Pose: Sage Half Bound Lotus

Get Amazing Arms With These Advanced Yoga Poses In the mood to try something new and more challenging? Give these advanced yoga poses a try that are sure to increase your upper-body strength and muscle definition.

PASCHIMOTTANASANA: It is one of the classical asanas in Hatha Yoga. It has a many benefits which cover all the body systems.

My pose of the day

Strike a Yoga Pose: Headstand A and B

The yoga headstand, or sirsasana, is a very recognizable inversion. This pose depends on shoulder strength, core strength, and balance. Headstand takes a lot of practice and strength and shouldn't be attempted until you're strong and balanced enough.

Yoga pose -- a wicked hard arm balance that requires tons of core and shoulder strength yoga workout, yoga for beginners, yoga inspiration

Yoga is all about the mind and body connection.That said, sex is one of the greatest mind-body experiences. So, together the two can work wonders.