An Instagram Camera for realz

An Instagram Camera In Real Life

Another original project by Antonio Pedrosa from ADR studio, we hate him(in a good way ;) he designs amazing concepts, the word concept always shatters your expectations. Antonio heads ADR Studio, his imagination and vision for product design is


by Yarn Bombing [Bellingham, Washington, USA] photos by Sarah Rudder

Knick Knack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac’s List of 30 Beliefs and Techniques for Writing and Life

Jack Kerouac: Collected Poems by Jack Kerouac, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

The Cat and the Moon

Photograph of the Week: “Cat and the Moon”

True Dat

this is my thought on many things, and my husband hates when i say it, oh well - it is what it is ;

The Lactarius Indigo Mushroom

A broken cap of a blue milk mushroom (Lactarius indigo), turned so that gills are clearly visible. The common name refers to the milky latex that exudes when the mushroom tissue is cut or broken.

Black Forest, Germany

Most Beautiful Forests in The World - The Black Forest during night in Baden-Württemberg region, southwestern Germany. Photo by: Andy Linden

Death Star Ping Pong Ball

Look at the Size of That Thing: Incredibly Detailed Death Star Made From a Ping-Pong Ball!


I just really liked the picture. I don't agree with the article.I love sharks and the beach. Who in their right mind doesn't like the beach. << i agree, i absolutely adore sharks! i'm just saving for the picture haha

Coney Island - Day into Night

Blending Day and Night into a Single Photograph With over two decades of professional experience, photographer Stephen Wilkes is well known for his fine and commercial photography. Coney Island - Day and Night

Looking up

Ari Bixhorn -Looking Up Aritook these photos of trees at Sintra Mountains, Portugal. Thecoloursmake it seem as if he’s taking these shots from the bottom of an ocean floor.


dark roast edition - If you’re one of those people that wake up on the dark side of bed, this coffeemaker is the perfect companion. The Dark Roast Edition co.