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Lillian Alexander
Lillian Alexander
Lillian Alexander

Lillian Alexander

Reiki by glenda_cox2003, via Flickr Reiki Principles

Reiki principles. I love this one... It's stated in a positive way... repinned by Reiki-Master-Trai...

Reiki principles - similar to Don Miguel Ruiz' Four Agreements somehow . . . Happy Easter to all!

Each time you breathe, think of your feet growing roots into the floor. This thought anchors you and keeps you centred.

In Hindu culture "Namaste" is used for greeting people (say "Hello" in english) with close hands.

Do you know your chakras? Well get to know it with this little cheat sheet! Visit to get all the yoga and Pilates equipment you need.

How To Awaken Your 7 Chakras.... I took the quick test and then was briefed about the results of the status of my Chakras (whether they were weak or open and flowing smoothly. Interesting. Give it a try..

Simple acuressure tapping technique to help calm you down, reduce pain when you need it the most.

Inner thigh focus! Toned and beautiful! Today we are doing squats, squat pulses, squat holds, and inner leg lifts! Will you do this with me?

You alone are enough. -Maya Angelou

Yes- please always be your own person!!! Be a voice not an echo :D

Autism Awareness Fairy!

Angels and fairies signify purity and love and are great for women of all ages. It is mainly a sign of devotion and show a belief towards Christianity. The most preferred angel tattoo is that of an angel with wings. Cupid is also another popular tattoo as love angel and mainly adorns the body of young females. There are also tattoos that depict a broken or fallen angel with a sad posture and withered wings. Some designs are of guardian angel ready to strike with her power.

I don't know if I would ever get a fairy...but this one reminds me of my grandmother.

Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham exists because his agent bet him he couldn't write a book in fifty words.

Autism tattoo; I want my tattoo like this but use a puzzle piece instead of the ribbon

Rafa Nadal takes on a new role as a Pilot as he learns how to bluff in poker

There's smudging!