Laughed way too hard at this..hahaha

I celebrate it everyday.

Funny pictures about We Gonna Party. Oh, and cool pics about We Gonna Party. Also, We Gonna Party photos.

Me: *wears a dress with pockets* Person: I like your dress Me: thanks it has pockets. <I love dresses with pockets and this is exactly what I do when I wear one. I literally do this.

Now watch me sip, on chardon nay nay!

Now Watch Me Sip

I love Jesus and coffee and naps. Digitally printed on an athletic tri-blend t-shirt. You'll love it's classic fit and ultra-soft feel. Each shirt is printed to

Advice from an expert: How to be a classy drunk. ;)

8 Essential Tips On How To Be A Classy Drunk

8 Essentials Tips On How To Be A Classy Drunk. Hilarious and helpful. I will be a classy drunk one day lol

retro funny....

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Believe it or not, your mom might be the original hipster! Peek in her closet or at an old photo album and you might be surprised at what you find. Are there any vintage sunglasses, original 501 Levi's, or hand-written letters? Does she own a dual turntable for her Beatles records, or a Bianchi bike – more signs that your mom is still hipster, inside and out. Follow along as eBay details the other telltale signs of your mom's hipsterism.

10 Signs That Your Mom Was an Original Hipster

You’ve come to know her as the woman who cheered and hollered from the sidelines of every soccer game. But just one peek into mom’s old photo albums proves that she was a whole lot cooler than you initially.

blunt cards funny | Girls gone wild

There's a reason they call it "Girls gone wild" and not "women gone wild". When girls go wild, they show their tits, when women go wild, they poison their husbands food.