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Amazing body art!

Artist Chooo-San specializes in using body paint to create surrealistic masterpieces. Chooo-San manages to make it look like people have extra eyeballs or little men coming out of doors on their body, one look at any of these pieces of... [ read more ]

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Invisible Dad. Results of war.

So moving........ This memento mori photo contains not a single deceased person, yet it feels more powerful than many of the post mortem images The stark simplicity is breathtaking. And that little boy’s determined face, wearing his father’s uniform cap

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scary but super cool hand tattoos

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death blowing bubbles

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Skull, projection. Find your passion.

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In the past, "cow shoes" were used to disguise footprints.

In the past, cow shoes were used to disguise footprints.

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Grayish Blue White Floral Duvet Cover

Love the double image.

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Pictures in Time: 19th Century Headless Portraits

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Comtesse de Castiglione (1837-1899)

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