I want a piccolo trombone

Wacky instruments - for some reason the piccolo trombone made me laugh really hard

This teensy clef heart necklace ($45). so cute | 32 Impossibly Cute Pieces Of Jewelry For Music Lovers

This teensy clef heart

G clef bass clef heart Necklace silver music note Treble clef Pendant charm necklace music note necklace inches Sterling Silver Chain

This note that is never, ever happening.

I need some more fun flute music.

To keep the time. Where can I get one of these??

The Original Music Note Clock

I need this lolol Music note wall clock! Brought the band nerd out in me! Great idea for a music room, or over a piano,

one too many times

Band Problems <- And just music problems in general.

Key of (not convert) b on a c flat instrument. I think...

Key of (not convert) b on a c flat instrument. what the heck though?

Band Problems

How student musicians count rests.I'm the memorizer

Music Problems

Music Problems that is awesome

I'm about to cry. I'm to miss the seniors so much, I'm a freshman, but next year they won't be there </3 @agracewhite @meaghanhenry14

I'm a freshman and it's only the end of my first band camp but I'm already in love with band! So scared for my senior year!

This is also a problem. heheheehee

It is amazing how far a person can grow musically. Started in grade and going strong! Especially when you started on one and started playing another.

25 Hilariously Awesome Marching Band Memes

sleep in tuba case marching band meme

Harry Potter and the chamber of music. If Music is magical then you'll understand why these guys look a LOT like conductors...

33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

Funny pictures about Music Conductors And Their Spells. Oh, and cool pics about Music Conductors And Their Spells. Also, Music Conductors And Their Spells photos.

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Music Humor - ti-la-"sofa"-mi-re

Or when you have to stagger breathe because you have a note you gotta hold for like TWENTY-ONE COUNTS!! (I suuuck at stagger breathing and I have no idea why???)

Choir singing -- so true! Try singing the Hallelujah Chorus and breathing at the same time!this was meant for band not choir(as u can see in the bottom right) but I guess it could work for choir too maybe? Idk I'm just a flute

I definitely have it...

uhhhhh stfu you can’t get ocd from marching band<< uhh yeah as some with OCD like,,,marching band can maybe Help bc it's orderly but it doesn't CAUSE it you walnut

Average Day for a Musician #Music_Humor | Via @music_humour on Instagram

but a slightly bigger wedge for fearing child prodigies