Anna Blume

Anna Blume

Hamburg, Germany
Anna Blume
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Luxury homes for sale around the world this week: Mykonos, Greece In addition to spacious bedrooms, residents have access to staff quarters and the outdoor pool.


Bedroom loft in a tiny home. Love all the various shades of white and off-white in this bedroom. The sheepskin rug is a great idea since you are likely crawling on the hard surface when using this tiny home loft.

Floating Island ✯

Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante designed this conceptual floating luxury hotel suite powered by solar cells. The Solar Floating Resort is a

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“There is nothing more soothing than waking to the sound of flowing water Peaceful jungle hideaway ft willows sleepy locks This sacred space is called hideout bali - you can find it on airBnB ️xxx”

Top of Kuang SI

Kuang Si Waterfall is the best proof that you don't have to throw away your Lonely Planet to get off the beaten path. Trust and a little courage are enough.

This Startup Wants to Turn Diaper Waste into Fruit Trees

German startup Dycle, founded by artist Ayumi Matzusaka, aims to tackle the massive amount of diaper waste produced each year by converting it to nutrient-packed soil and planting fruit trees with it.


If our concrete floor cracks, we're doing this to it! It's concrete with liquid gold to fill the cracks! (What the crap who thinks "hmmmm concrete cracked. I'll fill it in with gold!" What even kinda Scrooge mcduck lunatic is this?