The Eclectic Beauty Of Boho-Chic Design. This type of design has a lot to offer— rich textures, lush colors, and an ambiance that evokes the idea of a heart that loves to be home but feet that are ready to run and see the world.

This is a great idea for event styling the fabric swag is really simple and easy to execute but makes a big impact. Tack a few ferns underneath and style up a sweet couch for a killer boho lounge.

Founded in MacPherson Construction and Design consists of a team of design and construction professionals who take pride in orchestrating the countless details of a project and turning them into a wonderful home.

I love this neutral toned room. It's modern yet has a slight rustic feel about it. Not to mention the statement rug in the door way really adds a great touch of personal style to the overall design. I love the simplicity.

The "Mountain Mural" Bedroom Makeover

DIY: mountain bedroom mural. CMH: Even though this is for a wall, I love the concept of mountains made up of paint layers. This design on a label would be simple, yet striking. The colors also work well with the brand's identity.