Attack on Titan / Lion King. What da flying fuck is this?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA I love this fandom more then Miley Cyrus loves twerking and more then rob ford loves his drugs!!! And that's saying something

36 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Funniest Place On The Internet

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Honestly I think about this a lot. And when I see an emotional loving guy I'm like woah you feel things? ..Does everyone? Hah

this is why i wish to be a twin in my next life | • ι'll υpdaтe мy dιѕcoυraged нearт wιтн ιnvιncιвle paѕѕιon! • // @kashiniya

i am with child<This is actually not as funny cuz it's utterly impossible for Titans to reproduce as far as I know, so he would in fact, not be capable of giving birth to a child as they don't have reproductive organs.

Omg this is hilarious!!!!!! Sakura: oh really!!?? Me: no! Sakura:!!! Me: ITS Hysterical!!!! Sakura:: oh really!!?? Me: is that all u say??!!-Alayna Hall

XD <<< I just let out this awkward burst of laughter in class and everyone looked at me. I guess the only thing left is to run like Eren *embarrassed blush* *runs away awkwardly*<< OK SO IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THOUGHT THIS AND ACTUALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD

Omg. So our school is doing the play shrek. And I play violin in the pit music and we have been playing what's up duloc which is the Broadway version of that sing and I am so sick and tired if that song. Lol still love it thought. :)

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Meanwhile, At Some Anime Character Transformation Scene...

in fairytail when erza did it towards the beginning all they guys they were fighting were like "holy shit her clothes are disappearing" and then she fucked shit up