Learn a better way to draw trees

Learn ad better way to draw trees. So necessary for my students and their puffalump trees!

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Four feathers collected paintings reference figure) _ petal animation. How to draw a skirt from scratches


The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe: Basics (Fast Food & Fast Fashion)

Ein herzzerreißendes Bild

This one is deep.

Oh my word this picture is so true and heart breaking. It feels like being a third wheel.

this is just too adorable!

I feel like this bear is a forgot Disney original in the mix of mouse and princesses and pixie dust. For me Winnie the Pooh was my childhood Disney star

That's deep..... Never thought about it that way, but now that I think about it. It makes so much sense.

Didn't you once say that monsters were within us? The real monster swept me off my feet. You deserve to be locked in a cage, Mr. So full of rage you are.