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Our family's journey exploring art and stories.

The Gruffalo’s Child Storytelling

The Gruffalo’s Child Storytelling - Zuzu Art Trail

The boys love spending the afternoon at Wandlebury Country Park. There are lots of trails and areas to explore and little places to picnic in. As Winter is coming to an end we celebrated with a Gruffalo inspired picnic and some storytelling using our soft toys. A lovely afternoon – we are looking forward to...Read More »

Gyotaku: finishing our fish sculptures

Gyotaku: finishing our fish sculptures - Zuzu Art Trail

Our modroc covered fish are finally dry and ready to decorate using the ancient Japanese art of Gyotaku. For this we purchased some fresh fish from the fish shop on the harbour. After dabbing it down to dry it off a bit, we gently brushed the fish with paint. Today we were using some naturally...Read More »

Treasure Boat Sculptures

Treasure Boat Sculptures - Zuzu Art Trail

Whilst on holiday at the beach, we used this amazing book, “Make, Build, Create”by Paula Briggs (ISBN 9781910433706) to create some sea themed art. Our first project was a sunken pirate ship. To start, we gave the boys £5 each and off we went to the local charity shops to buy ‘treasure’. We came back...Read More »

Painted Eggs

Painted Eggs - Zuzu Art Trail

We have been inspired by the beautifully painted eggs on the Imagine Childhood Blog to paint some of our own. First the boys had a good try at egg blowing… Then we spent a lovely morning painting the eggs, waiting for them to dry and adding more layers of detail. We hung them in our...Read More »

On the Trail of Benjamin Britten

On the Trail of Benjamin Britten - Zuzu Art Trail

Tuesday saw us take a trip we have been planning for sometime. Several years ago we bought this book in the Aldeburgh Bookshop and have been waiting to go on “The Trail of Benjamin Britten”. Our day started with a bike ride from Aldeburgh to Snape Maltings where Britten created a concert hall in the...Read More »

Woven Easter Nests

Woven Easter Nests - Zuzu Art Trail

With all the strong winds we have had this year there has been an abundance of fallen twigs and branches. Scattered on the ground they looked like giant nests! We gathered up some of the twigs and with a log, a hammer and some nails we used them to make some nests. We originally wanted...Read More »

S’s Parrot Painting

S’s Parrot Painting - Zuzu Art Trail

Over the half term holidays S was tasked with creating a parrot for an animation project they are doing at school. It has been fantastic watching his work progress over the week. Here are some pictures of his journey.

A Hedgehog House

A Hedgehog House - Zuzu Art Trail

Whilst at “Waking up for Winter” with Vital Spark Theatre this week, we listened to stories about Hazel the hedgehog and even made our own clay hedgehogs. The grown-ups were given little bag of hedgehog food to feed any hedgehogs in our gardens. Our cat, Pudding found the hedgehog food and seemed very interested in...Read More »

Candle Making

Candle Making - Zuzu Art Trail

Each year we try to make a little present for the people who are special in the boys’ lives and as a thank you for the love and support they receive. This year we made some beautiful beeswax candles. Here’s how we did it. We measured the wick about a cm longer than the wax....Read More »

Fish Sculptures

Fish Sculptures - Zuzu Art Trail

Following the success of our sunken treasure ships the second activity we explored from “Make, Build, Create” by Paula Briggs (ISBN 9781910433707) was the constructed fish. We started by rolling a bin liner and fixing it with packing tape to make a fish shape. They were all different, S wanting a long printed nose and...Read More »

Portrait Exploration

Portrait Exploration - Zuzu Art Trail

S has been exploring the paintings and style of Pablo Picasso at school this term. Over the holidays he created a Picasso Style portrait of A. When at the Roald Dalhl Museum, we also made some portraits using the character building resources they have on offer. Our final portrait exploration was a Matisse – painting...Read More »

Poetry Box

Poetry Box - Zuzu Art Trail

Each year we make a poetry box for the boys’ birthdays. A recently turned 6 and had a bunny themed birthday. Here is the bunny poetry box we made him. A link to how we created them can be found here.

A Day at The Roald Dahl Museum

A Day at The Roald Dahl Museum - Zuzu Art Trail

We have been waiting to revisit The Roald Dahl Museum since it closed last year due to flood damage. We started the day doing the countryside walk which takes you into woods, across meadows and through the railway bridge where Roald Dahl told stories to his own children. It was a beautiful place to walk...Read More »

"Let's Go Fly a Kite" - Zuzu Art Trail

When we returned home after a lovely morning of Poppins Play, the boys carried on playing with the kites they had made and the kites we have at home. To add to our kite collection we found a beautiful old copy of a kite my Grandad used to make with us. Using just an A4...Read More »

Poppins Play

Poppins Play - Zuzu Art Trail

The boys had the most wonderful morning at Wandlebury Country Park exploring the stories of Mary Poppins through dance, storytelling and craft with Vital Spark Theatre. Here are some of our highlights. Afterwards we had our usual exploration of Wandlebury before a Mary Poppins themed picnic lunch under a beautiful blossom tree which included star...Read More »

A Celebration of Books on World Book Day

A Celebration of Books on World Book Day - Zuzu Art Trail

No introduction needed really but here are some of our book highlights from the year.