You gotta do that I do really love you so much u just don't know!:) and I didn forget babe don't ever think I forgot I never forget I'm always thinkin it!:) I love you babe!(: and I think have not sure I'll listen to it in a min wyd?:)

Every morning Amelia goes out to where the orient express use to run daily. She would go out there to think in peace. Sometimes thinking about how it was to live in her ancestors century.

Faith is at the center of a Christian's life; as such, it's under constant attack and ridicule. Here you'll find Bible verses to strengthen you in your Faith and encourage you when you're afraid. Ours is not a blind faith, but rather a knowing of...

The things that keep a 26 year old wanderer happy. Communications nerd, photographer and runner living in Germany. Queer Feminist TCK with American citizenship and accent. Expect lots of :Photography. Public Diplomacy. Arabic. Israel/Palestine.

wish I could do this but I honestly don't think I could!! >> Nope, not for me! I will do a lot of things but this is not one of them. Have you done it? Do you love it or hate it? ❤ Reiseausrüstung mit Charakter gibt's auf

Joanna Kitchener is a wedding and engagement photographer from the UK who loves to tell stories through her photography. Together with her husband and fellow photographer Dylan, she takes phenomenal couple pictures.