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Yep, Chihuahuas are evil little dogs that like to nip and bite and draw blood. I've been bitten by many chihuahuas, and never even had a pitty growl at me.

This is requested in my house almost weekly! Ill never cook it another way again! Best Pot Roast Ever! (in the CrockPot) - What you need: •2-5 pound pot roast (any kind) •1 envelope ranch dressing (dried) •1 envelope Italian dressing •1 envelope brown gravy mix •Potatoes and Carrots •1 to 1-1/2 cup water What you do: 1. If you wanted carrots and potatoes in your CrockPot, cut them to your liking and put in the bottom of your CrockPot. 2.Put Roast on top of vegetables. 3.Sprinkle all...

Another pinner said "Best Pot Roast Ever! (in the CrockPot) - What you need: pound pot roast (any kind) 1 envelope ranch dressing (dried) 1 envelope Italian dressing 1 envelope brown gravy mix Potatoes and Carrots 1 to cup water"

Breeder Karl Szmolinsky and Robert, a 23-pound German gray giant, in Eberswalde, Germany.  In 2006, Szmolinsky was approached by the North Koreans to help start a rabbit breeding program to help 'feed the population'. Robert and company were shipped off to Korea but rumor has it that they may have been eaten at a banquet for Kim Jong-il. by Craig Whitlock, washingtonpost and hoax-slayer. Photo by Sean Gallup. #Rabbit #Karl_Smolinsky #Craig_Whitlock #Sean_Gallup

GIANT RABBIT - Not a hoax. Giant rabbits exist & commonly weigh over 20 pounds, with the largest weighing over 50 pounds and more than FOUR feet long. ***I'm pretty sure this type of rabbit is called a "Flemish Giant.