Anna Szałkiewicz

Anna Szałkiewicz

Anna Szałkiewicz
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"What made her strong was despite the million things that hurt her she spoke of nothing, nothing but happiness."

not about hiding or covering up, but of true healing from the one and only God. If we learn about Him, about Jesus about the love.Then and only then will our perspective shift and true happiness will emerge.


Great winter outfit - love the scarf.just kidding it's literally a blanket like dude chill out and quit overcompensating

How is he managing to pull off this mustache???? I'm confused because I still think he is hot lol

Unf fashion style beanie Model ring tattoos tattoo ink moustache beer male model BAMF menswear watch muscle g hot guys beard bar scruff bearded pint bearded guys idk i cant tag wesley shankland

Oh yiyiyiyi

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