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A AC/DC B Bob Marley C The Cure D David Bowie E Elvis Presley F Pink Floyd G Guns n' Roses H Jimi Hendrix I Ian Curtis (Joy Division) J Michael Jackson K Kiss L John Lennon M Madonna N Nirvana O Sinead O'Сonnor P Prince Q Queen R The Rolling Stones S Carlos Santana T Tina Turner U U2 V Van Halen W Stevie Wonder X Sex Pistols Y Iggy Pop Z Led Zeppelin

“Musical Alphabet” by Eduardo San Gil Rodriguez comes on top as the winner of the recent Threadless Music Design Challenge.

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because you can't give me a movie with a Russian tank and a tiny German not expect me to spend the entire running time mentally inserting sound bites. (I am bulletproof pilot!) DATE: "Entire team is babies" :')