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FOOD dominoes

Re-uploaded work because I had made a mistake. Sorry for those who had already uploaded the ws. Anyway, this a set of 36 dominoes to practice the vocabulary.

Из одноразовых тарелок

Из одноразовых тарелок

Body Parts, domino

to practice vocabulary (body parts); I think, the pupils will enjoy this domino (parts of the body); the pupils can do it in a small groups (etw/ four - six pupils) - ESL worksheets


Describe the parts of a house. I used these exercises as a model to write and speak about student's own house. Then they write a description of their own house.

Funny Miss Valérie: Describing people

Clothing and describing people


Sts fill in the gaps with the correct question Word. On the second page they choose the correct option.


All About Me - All About Me - All About Me - All About Me - All About Me This fun back to school activity can be used to get to know your students!