Arch-shaped floating hotel, dubbed The ARK, designed to withstand the world’s rising sea levels by Russia-based architectural firm Remistudio.

Ark Hotel of China is remarkable achievement of world and the one of the interesting buildings in the world. The Ark Hotel was designed by Russian firm Remistudio.

namaste hotel, india

This is the image of the under construction Namaste tower in Mumbai, a tall skyscraper with hotel , office and retail space. The tower will resemble the Namaste gesture.

✯ Treehouse Spa, Bali

I don't wanna live in this thing, but maybe, like, an adult tree house in the backyard? You know, over the creek that will inevitably be in the yard of my dream home?

Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris (


Hotels Around the World — Architectural Digest

I must see water this blue at some point in my life; Boat Hotel, Cocoa Island, The Maldives Islands. I sure have been pinning some gorgeous places from the Maldives Islands.may need to be my next vacay.

Andels Hotel, Lodz, Poland  ♥ ♥

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Andel's Lodz Andels Hotel, Lodz, Poland Jestico+Whiles/James Dilley,John Whiles, Vivien O'Brien Original building: Hilary Majewski type: textile factory Completion 1852

✯ Regatta Hotel - Jakarta, Indonesia

Regatta Hotel - Jakarta, Indonesia unbelievable demonstration of architectural advancement but a huge waste of space if you ask me.

View from one of the terraces of the Thermal Baths in Vals by Peter Zumthor.

Amazing hotel & spa in Switzerland. stua: “ View from one of the terraces of the Thermal Baths in Vals by Peter Zumthor ”

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