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White bathroom: White square built in shelves with white square sink


I feel I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen

Bordeaux with Leo Valls — Freunde von Freunden

Bordeaux with Leo Valls — Freunde von Freunden

My Style: Private Japanese garden makes for a very nice bedroom view. I've been living with a bedroom view of a very zen garden this year and it's lovely.


Richea Scoparia at Mount Field National Park, Ireland. the plant that looks like a Lupin is actually in the Erica family, and the brownish fading flowers to the left in the mid-foreground are Epacris, another member of the Erica family.


Roman Holiday (or, how I feel on Monday mornings)


Leather jacket with blue mom jeans

Hindsvik -

simple slanted-stripes wall art --- Nice area for just inside the front or back door. Love the rug made from camel bags opened up and sewn together and the geometric pattern on the pillows and throw and in the art.

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Dominique Swain in Lolita