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What's New in Book Promotion?

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How are publishers staying relevant in the digital age? What does effective book promotion look like? Authors and publishers need to work together to reinvent the publishing industry. What I look for in ads: a strong, focused message, effective co-branding between publishers and authors, and a coherent marketing strategy. Click the pictures to read my full G+ comments on each ad.

1. Become a famous movie director. 2. Cultivate a reputation for doing what you want. Start a winery in Napa. 3. Decide you want to start a fiction magazine. 4. Start one. 5. Make the only advertisement in it one for your own wine. 6. Don't forget the noir aesthetic.

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Here's an example of a publisher (Thomas Nelson) looking for likely authors for their brand! They've built quite a community around their authors and readers who review their books.

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The Huffington Post has a very active Book Club. Are any fiction authors paying attention?

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Hmm...which would you choose, of these two ads for ereaders? Is Amazon or Google selling a richer experience?

How can publishers get more precise in their ad campaigns? Data geeks, this one is for you! Bookseer delivers the kind of in-depth analytics that every publisher needs to improve their reach and relevance.

A really nice ad by FSG. I follow the QR code to their mobile site, and analyze how they've maximized this ad campaign.

A great book by Jon Meacham, a not-very-great ad by Random House.

Antifragile sounds like a great book--but what is Random thinking with this ad???

Here's Amazon and Barnes & Noble teaming up to promote 3 books by family members. Does it work?

The "Second Rule of Ten," Hay House, book marketing, and the conference as lottery.