Anne Kjaersgaard

Anne Kjaersgaard

Anne Kjaersgaard
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#DIY Lava Lamp

{DIY Lava Lamps} Vegetable oil, water, food coloring and alka seltzer. The info in the comment dated May 16 tells the science behind this craft. I think you could put the lid on this if there is enough space for the bubbles to burst at the top.

Lots of cool and thrifty decorating tutorals, love the diy record art

spray paint your toy animals and stick in on a painted canvas. such a simple and cute idea! The kids could help make this art for the playroom.and we could use little happy meal toys (since I usually throw when away anyways!

The world is an interesting place and some have such an eye for capturing it's beauty. I love this shot!

HG Ponting Antartica Scott’s ship, Terra Nova, seen through a grotto in the Antarctic: the most famous of the photographs by Herbert Ponting from the ill‑fated expedition. Sadly the drama of Scott’s death obliterates interest in Ponting’s work.