-The future, is equal, as was, is, shall be, Reality Restored, until done. Just conveyances as always. Temp body is either female or male. No such thing as man or woman - construct through and through universal.

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Alicia Keys, the Queen of RnB, sang in the Champions League final without so much as a drop of makeup. The artist was expecting to receive harsh criticism from the media, but surprisingly, this wasn’t the case. A few days later, the singer explained...

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Every woman enjoys wearing clothing that compliments her particular size and shape, and this may be even more true for generously sized ladies. It can be especially challenging for these women to find attractive and trendy plus size fashion items that...

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Taylor Lashae bob + bangs. to anyone who wants to cut their hair but feel too attached, maybe you think you'll feel insecure without it.. i say, if you really want to do it, do it. i did it 9 months ago and haven't regretted it once. it's so freeing..

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