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a woman in sunglasses holding a bunch of buttons
Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) auf Instagram: „patchworked beach trash jacket“
there are many different colored bottles lined up together
Ironic Interpretation of Chinese Capitalism
Ironic Interpretation of Chinese Capitalism | Trendland
there are many different colored rocks on the ground and one is painted like a map
Alejandro Durán // Museo de la Basura
Alejandro Durán - Derrame (Spill), 2010
an abstract painting with blue, green and yellow waves on it's side in the sky
Rookie - Rookie is an online magazine for teenagers.
By Stig De Block.
an art print with different colors and shapes
Cactus Art Print by Picomodi
Cactus Art Print
an art project with colored pencils on white paper and string attached to the wall
Week 29: A week of a boyfriend/husband — Dear Data
Dear Data - Stefanie Posavec
three different colored sponges stacked on top of each other in the shape of a house
Sponges by Takashi Suzuki
an abstract painting with orange and green cones in the center, against a white background
CFA Gallery Berlin – Basel
three overlapping circles with the words tap and portuguese airways written in red on each circle
via Present Correct
a colorful plate with an animal painted on it
Alex Sickling on Etsy
Alpaca Island Bowl: Alex Sickling
a blue and red flowered shirt with green leaves on it's back side
Figurative Painting
Bread Bag - Anoushka Matus
the ocean is green and blue in color
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several different types of buttons are arranged together
“Walking My Dog” by Eddy de Azevedo
Walking My Dog by Eddy de Azevedo