1940's Dress

Helene Arpels (nee Ostrowska), wife of jeweler Louis Arpels - June 20 Dress by Maggy Rouff, hat by Carolina Reboux - Concours d'elegance custom automobile show

No 1950s dress would be complete without a giant, pouffy crinoline petticoat underneath!

I am seriously OBSESSED with this look ~~~Kasper - 1952 vintage fashion style yellow dress full skirt black white plaid checks accents hat shoes belt purse color photo print ad model magazine

Evelyn Tripp, 1952 Beautiful vintage... I would love to take pictures of someone wearing this.

Evelyn Tripp 1952 I can't resist images of pretty vintage dresses. Flowing full skirted styles in swishy fabrics with tiny waists, t.

Houndstooth coat Givenchy - collarless coat Balenciaga photo Georges Saad 1959

houndstooth coat Givenchy, collarless coat Balenciaga, photo by Georges Saad, 1959

Pierre Balmain Suit, 1953

Pierre Balmain Suit, 1953 He opened his fashion house in 1945 and showcased long, bell-shaped skirts with small waistlines. This line later on became popular as “Dior’s New Look.” He said, “Dressmaking is the architecture of movement.

Dior by Yvs Saint Laurent, 1958

1958 Svetlana in the famous _Trapeze Line_ dress from Yves Saint Laurent's first collection for Dior, photo by Sabine Weiss, Paris

Harlem Renaissance Fashion | .. | African American ...

Fierceness since the beginning Visit Vintage Black Glamour for more fierceness from the past.

Dior - 1954, outside a Paris cafe a model wears matching check coat and spats

A woman shows off Dior's idea of French cafe attire in matching jacket and checked gaiters worn over patent pumps. {love the jacket!