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The Secret to Beating Your Saddlebags For Good

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5 Hamstring Stretches Your Legs Will Love

Whether you're a runner, walker or gym goer, tight hammies can put a damper on your workout routine, or lead to injury. Add these five hamstring stretches to your routine to prevent aches and pains..

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6 Thigh Exercises for Thighs Like a Dancer

***Good - outer thigh - Flex Foot Leg Lift: Flex both feet and lift the top leg up and down. For more challenge - Angle your toes down to the ground and lift and lower with food still flexed.

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Sleeker Thighs in 3 Moves

Editors' Choice by Sean W. Gallasch In this section you will find the Crème de la Crème of my muscle video edits from the past 15 years. Every DVD title listed below is my personal selection for absolute muscle satisfaction and entertainment.

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This def killed my legs but they feel stronger !!!!! used a 7 pound weight ha ! Genie Press - Rockin’ Leg Routine Get sleek, strong, and seriously shapely legs with a killer workout

Lie on Your Back, Relax, and Work Your Inner Thighs the Lazy-Girl Way