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Anne Patay
Anne Patay
Anne Patay

Anne Patay

Hello! I am a french painter, using oil and mixed medias, trying to work with unconscious Enjoy ;) Anne

The sand and the wind 50X50cm

Le hasard et la liberté by ChronikArt/ContreHistoire on SoundCloud

Pictures of Steppe Warriors | Steppe History Forum

Les très riches heures de la cour de Chine (1662 – 1796)

Giuseppe Castiglione 郎世寧 「畫瑪瑺斫陣圖(画瑪瑺斫陣図)」(1759) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

La Chine en guerre- 14 octobre 2011 - Bibliobs - L'Obs

Prins_Yinli_(1697-1738)_geschilderd_door_Giuseppe_Castiglione_(1688–1766).gif (655×699)

Ayusi brandissant sa lance anéantit les rebelles, 1755, rouleau horizontal, encre et couleurs sur papier, Musée national du palais, Taipei

Hipnotic 92X73cm acrylic on canvas march 2015

Alberto Burri

'Combustione Plastica' 1958 Alberto Burri

Alberto Burri, "Zak B", 1953

Alberto Burri - Mold (Muffa), 1952 Oil paint and pumice stone on canvas 72.1 x 80 cm (28 3/8 x 31 1/2 in.)

Alberto Burri (1915-1995) Sacco 5, 1955

PAGINA By Alberto Burri ,1953

Alberto Burri (1915-1995), Sacco e oro 1953

Alberto Burri - Rosso Nero 1953

Tsuyoshi Maekawa - Untitled .1963

Kazuo Shiraga- founder of the Gutai movement. He was an action painter who placed paint on the canvas and spread it violently with his body and feet.

Gutaï - SHIMAMOTO SHOZO - holes - 1953

Fish, 1990 Donald Sultan

Untitled (1965) by Yasuo Sumi

Work Yasuo Sumi 1962