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I have a confession to make. I've become obsessed with Design Thinking.  It's gotten to the point where I "Design Thinking" everything. How do I  Design Thinking my lunch? How do I Design Thinking my classroom phone  policy? How do I Design Thinking teaching?  Teaching? Yep. Let's do

The Design Thinking Your Teaching Infographic shows how the Design Thinking Cycle (Empathy, Definition, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing) to improve your teaching!

Add Body, Hands, and Feet to Your Stick Men

Add Body, Hands, and Feet to Your Stick Men

drawing square people!

My effort at this weeks challenge, drawing square people! Need to try and add these to my sketchnotes more often!

Eva Lotta Lamm - brilliant as usual. playing__0009_at-the-table-copy.png

A collection of sketchnotes from various design conferences by Eva-Lotta Lamm


Awesome Resources to Create Visual Notes, Graphic Recordings & Sketchnotes

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