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princess crown necklace.

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This rose gold crown ring will make you a mani queen!

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The duchesses of Devonshire have worn this tiara since 1893, when it was created for Louise, Duchess of Manchester (who married the Duke of Devonshire). It contains approx 1,900 diamonds.

Tiara Tuesday: The Devonshire Diamond Tiara

❥ crown

Et à part ça - Page 8 - Et à part ça

And it does!! (:

Free Graphic If the Crown Fits Wear It - The Cottage Market

Sparkly crown coffee cup. Super cute super girly. I love it.

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Place of Honor for Santos Doll

///❤ I love this so pretty. I would use it as a Christmas ornament at Christmas and then just have it hang somewhere the rest of the year. I love bling. It always adds a little sparkle to a day.

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Nice collection of crown brooches...ahhh love these~




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Crowns and tiaras have been in the royal families for centuries. They go back to ancient Greece, where Greek Gods and Kings were seen wearing ornamental headdresses to establish their authority. Customs of wearing crowns varies from country to country. The crowns really add to the princess look!

Dishing It Out!

Chaumet Museum, Paris. A collection of 150 maquette of crowns and hair jewelry that was made in the history of Chaumet. More than 2,000 tiaras have been made by Chaumet since 1780. Chaumet tiaras.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages

Crown Key Hook Uncovet

Crown Key Hook | Uncovet
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Love, love, love the elegance of these crowns/paintings... could I recreate this for Kay's room???

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Always could use more! ;) Emily’s Fête for a Queen Plate Set - White, Silver, French / Victorian

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love these oh so much tinking about getting these and painting them girly colors for my daughters bedroom

Set of 4 Crown Hooks