put masking tape in spaces, draw, then remove the tape for space to write. simple --

Peony and Parakeet: Masking Tape Magic.Put down masking tape before doodling and painting. Remove and then journal in the spaces- tutorial.


Failing to Start: Why We Accept Mediocrity and How to Change

Very cool free printable journal.

50 free Guided Journal pages, cute way to get started in the groove of Journaling. Grace is Overrated: Journal Pages

art journal page

Have to agree with the page -- art is my comfort . and a great prompt idea from heidi: what is art to you? take a page and write art is. Then finish the sentence again and again. choose one and make your own art is journal page.

journal ideas from aimee

Art journal ideas from aimee dear-diary - can't find original link, great jumpstarts for journaling