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Contraction caterpillar

Adventures of First Grade: Search results for fractions

A craft for every uppercase and lowercase letter!

The Princess and the Tot: Letter Crafts - Uppercase & Lowercase

onset and rime farm

Fabulous in First: Fun on the Farm!

B & D chart

Life in First Grade: My Week in Review

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts


Color by Short Vowel Sound

Worksheets: Color by Short Vowel Sound

Color by Short Vowel Sound

word endings (-s, -ed, and -ing)

Teachery Tidbits: Thanks and Some Freebies!

Compound Words

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: compound words

This has to be the most fun we had reviewing sight words! Kids will be begging you to practice sight words this way.

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Using the Connect-Four gameboard to practice sight words

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Play to Learn - Sight Word Connect Four

Using bandaids to teach /ou/ and /ow/ sounds!

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Little Minds at Workfrom Little Minds at Work

Phoneme Segmentation {and a freebie}

Phoneme Segmentation

Little Minds at Work: Phoneme Segmentation {and a freebie}

Sight word walk...How far can you go without making a mistake?

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Ann Hagen

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

I Can Speed Read

Students roll the dice then read short word list. High frequency words, spelling words, vocabulary words!

I Can Speed Read!

Roll and Read--Cool Sight Word Game!! List 1 is the easiest and it goes up to 5 (the hardest). Two students will do this together. One student will get a die and roll it. If he lands on 3, he will go to the column that has the 3 and read a word from the list. I will have these in dry erase sleeves so they will use a dry erase marker to mark off the word they read.

Mrs. Gilchrist's Class

Looking to push your kiddos that extra bit to 100% letter names or sounds? Try tracking it them with these free data book pages for your students. This will help them to really pinpoint what letters they need to work on so they can close that gap! Simply Kinder: Kinder Data Book Freebie

Simply Kinder: Kinder Data Book Freebie

Long and Short Vowel Word Sort: 24 different sorting lessons and 8 different theme sorting mats

Common Core Classrooms: Higher Order Thinking Skills

Turkey Word Families

The First Grade Parade: Thanksgiving

DIY vowel sticks. Free downloadable pics to make your own.

Teaching Short Vowel Sounds: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

Roll the dice, read that line to your partner. Then switch. Great letter naming practice.

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Letter Puzzles...great idea!

Flannel Friday: Letter Puzzles

I love this. Great for literacy station

The Moffatt Girls

Free Printables of Initials - Each initial is filled with images starting with that letter.

Animal Alphabet Letters to Print

Study "Singular & Plural Nouns" with this fun and educational cartoon. • This animated English video for kids teaches "What is it? What are they?"

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The Lesson Plan Diva: What we are working on this week!

What we are working on this week!