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Immediately before dying of cerebral meningitis in 1900, Oscar Wilde stated "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do."

The Famous Quotes and Sayings of Irish Poet Oscar Wilde His Life and other Works Oscar Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet, short story writer, journalist who was born on October 1854 in Dublin Ireland and died in Paris at the age of 46 on.

One of my favorite quotes of all time. I would love to credit the author, but I could not find anything that I knew was accurate online so if you know the author please let me know! #inspiration #love

“it’s impossible,” said pride. “it’s risky,” said experience. it’s pointless,” said reason. “give it a try,” whispered the heart.


Not everyone will make it to your future some people are just passing through to teach you a lesson. Most important thing I've learned over the years some people are here forever ever some are a memory and some are temporary but everyone had an impact


Closet doors, closet with black and white image on it, hallway, chandelier. this is works on so many levels.I would like the doors to be the entrance to master bath