I like to have a spare professional grade flat iron on hand because the old one normally goes kuput at the worst time. I ordered this unit and received it in less than 5 days. Since I have never owned a HSI, I wanted to try it out before putting it on the shelf. All I can say is that I like this unit better than my CHI and it was 40 bucks cheaper. Great piece of equipment and the seller was lightning fast with shipping. $54.95

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In China, girls like her are considered a burden not a blessing, resulting in the death of millions each year. If this breaks your heart like mine... please consider grabbing a shirt that will support the fight against female genocide. Save a life HERE ➔ www.sevenly.org/Ryan

ABDUCTED. TRAPPED. AND FORCED TO HAVE SEX. This is reality for young girls in Moldova who've been kidnapped into a life of sex trafficking. Support their freedom HERE ---> www.sevenly.org/Dale

GREAT website for boots! Way cute and cheap!! None over about $40! I'll have to remember this when winter comes back around

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