star gazing date :)

A must for anyone’s bucket list, fill a truck bed with pillows and blankets and go stargazing . Stargaze - pillows - bucket list - truck - blankets - life - before I die - love - live -

inspired by: amazing bookshelves

This is awesome! We used to make nooks like this in our bedroom closets when we were kids. A perfect place to daydream. The video-game playing kids of today are really missing out!


:) makes me think of weaver hall. Had no idea that the sweet guy opening the door for me all the time would become my husband and best friend.

play in the rain with my love

Play In The Rain With My hubby and i frolicked in the rain while in the ocean in kauai in was then that i began to love rain!

actually i already have=]

have someone write and sing a song about me. even just sing me a song would be nice :)

Peter Pan outline, cut out and put on top of lamp shade :)

Peter Pans shadow painted on the wall. tankertracks Peter Pans shadow painted on the wall. Peter Pans shadow painted on the wall.


A Pug Wearing A Hand-Knit Yoda Hat. This one is for my mom! Who made a Yoda hat for my husband.

These I Steal for You, Dan-ah Kim

Artist Dan-ah Kim, These I Steal For You. This is so beautiful.

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