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three wind chimes hanging in the air with wooden discs attached to them and one has a light bulb on each side
New: Wooden Mobiles from Fort Makers
a mobile with various objects hanging from it
Les mobiles de Paris se quema – Miluccia | Inspiration décoration et design
Les mobiles de Paris se quema – Miluccia
a black cabinet with an open door and two shelves on the bottom, in front of a white background
Asplund — Frame Semi Cabinet - Anthracite
a wooden bench with two plants on it and a book next to it, in front of a white wall
Kristina Dam incorporates plants into pale oak furniture
Pale oak furniture designed to incorporate plants.
three different views of the same table and chair, each with an unusual design on it
The Dami Series par Seung Yong Song - Journal du Design
The 'Dami' is named from Korean verb means ‘put in’. Dami series are consist of basket forms and covers and available for different and various usage depending on form and size. It shows visual beauty as well as the structure of Korean traditional grille which has light and sturdy durability, and the combination of new eco-friendly materials called Valchromat and CNC processing technique make it possible to materialize modern objet with traditional beauty.
several different angles and sizes of wooden objects
BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2015 | Weathered sculptures by KNEIP. http://www.yatzer.com/best-of-milan-design-week-2015
a wooden table with black glass top on white background
Carlo di Carli; Wood and Glass Table, 1950s.
four shelves with different types of books on top of each shelf, all in different colors and sizes
a small red table sitting on top of a white floor
M-S-D-S Studio
Trio Tables, M-S-D-S Studio.
a black table with a glass plate on it and a candle holder in the middle
Danish designer Mia Hamborg gives new life to the old Nordic craft tradition of turning wood by adding the colour and playful forms from old painted wooden toys. #shuffletable #miahamborg #danish #design #andtradition #interior #livingroom #innovation
two pink chairs sitting next to each other in a room with a white wall and floor
Bauhaus. Bauhaus style is characterized by its severely economic, geometric design and by its respect for materials. Cabinet by Bruno Weil