Half-Shaved Hairstyles

Half-Shaved Hairstyles

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first time i ever saw a girl with half her head shaved was this chick right here, over two years ago, and thats when i knew i was gonna do it at some point:)

  • harley sierka
    harley sierka

    Want it

  • Leah Clark
    Leah Clark

    Gonna beg to have this done! As my mum won't let me cut my hair

  • Emma Platten
    Emma Platten

    I let my 9 yr old daughter have this done. She has long blonde hair. It looks nice. Easy to hide and will look ok when deciding to grow it out.

  • Haley Kondakor
    Haley Kondakor

    how long did it take to grow it out..?

  • emma platten
    emma platten

    She has just started to. It will take quite a while i guess. It depends on how fast your hair grows.

her hair was so georgus. wish she didn't shave half off. but she has one of the most prettiest faces out there. envy her sometimes. :3

Woman Half Head Shaved - Ellie Goulding!!!

Half Head Shave - Side Braid Hairstyles in this page. Crazy style is not it :)?

Want to try the half shaved head, but don't want to commit to it? We at Arreis Cheveux found this hair style to help with that!

  • Faith Aaron
    Faith Aaron

    Candy Thompson

  • Candy Thompson
    Candy Thompson

    Nice :)

  • Rylee Hart
    Rylee Hart

    I wanna know how to do that! It looks awesome!

I was informed this is a "hipster haircut" - I still and always think a half shaved head on a woman is HOT

Long Half Shaved Hairstyle With Braids

Half shaved heads are cool

  • Queenja Majietaie
    Queenja Majietaie


  • Withey Leyesa
    Withey Leyesa

    Half shaved heads are cool

  • Shemona Simmons
    Shemona Simmons


  • Queenja Majietaie
    Queenja Majietaie

    have mine like that but now want a short cut so looking for a nice short cut and color

how i wish i could pull this off. red and half shaved

  • Katrina Miracle
    Katrina Miracle

    We can totally do this Babycakes! I can't wait til you get here!

Half shaved hairstyle with long fringe


    Dallas Teston

  • Afat Panda
    Afat Panda

    Can someone please tell me her name?

♥halfe shaved hair

Punk messy half shaved hairstyle

half shaved

half shaved

  • Misty Perrin-Harper
    Misty Perrin-Harper

    I really love your hair

Gorgeous half shaved style with short bangs

Alice Dellal

  • elena oconnor
    elena oconnor

    Like it a lot. Very strong... Want to try it myself,if I can convince my hairdresser!


Asian Cut

Cute Hairstyle

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Evan Rachel Wood

Cher Lloyd

Double Hairstyle

half shave | Tumblr

half shave | Tumblr