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We are fighting a spiritual warfare, and Prayer is our best weapon against the enemies tactics!

I'm on board with that !!!

Kate Steinle was killed by a 7 time convicted felon illegal immigrant in district 8 - Nancy Pelosi (yes Nancy! the one Squabbling gun control every 5 minutes.

Fighting for ALL Americans!

Donal Trump fighting for ALL Americans. ~ RADICAL Rational American's Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

Irish slaves

The Irish Slavery Meme Exposed, Irish Slaves Existed, White Slavery Is Real, The Truth About White Slavery In America, The history of white slavery

Prepare for the day of the Lord's return. Jesus Christ is coming soon!

no more unwittingly consenting to distractions Holy Spirit draw me closer towhat…

The difference between the old immigrant is they came here to make America great. To contribute to our country and conform to the American way of life. Most not all of the new immigrants come and demand we give them food, housing & welfare. And demand that we change our country for them. I say to you, fuck off go back home!

Or to hurt Americans and demand America conform to them. They came here to work their ass off and earn a respectable living. Not sponge off society, kill when they didn't get their way and complain about how they should get everything for free.