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If I was dating myself, I would surprise myself with starbucks every morning and it would be adorable. best boyfriend ever.


"I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure. You don't learn by not doing anything, so mistake your way to success.


Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

This printer is now called Bob Marley because it's always Jammin' hilarious! I'm tempted to make this for work, ours is always "jammin"

My book title for @donnadenise0513

Character designs and some fancy books

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 101 Pics I thought it was really fat cat Found this and I find it hilarious!

LOL @Donna Taylor ...Milo better thank the good lord he isn't white.

I'm crying from laughing so hard! It gets funnier ever time I look at it! Poor Cat in 'Drag' Makeup.

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Grumpy cat quotes are funny to read. Tardar Sauce also known as the Grumpy cat is a celebrity and queen of cats. We have collected a list of amazingly funny and hilarious pictures of Grumpy cat [.


My dog would love this! New automated floor sweeping system. Bruinenberg B.


Mini Green Bean Casseroles

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one day she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in life. and with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle them. so, she made the decision to survive using courage, humor, and grace.

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Be open to whatever comes next. Keep your heart open. I miss my heart when it is not open.

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Your shirt says way too much (18 photos)

When is it appropriate to wear this shirt? Mean Girls & Pitch Perfect combined. I NEED THIS SHIRT