i am soooooo sorry carly I wasent on here all weekend but I love you please forgive me-niall

Which One Direction member is your future husband?

Harry: Liam, what's funnier than turdyseven? Liam: I don't know, what? Harry:Turdy eight! Liam and Harry laugh Louis: What's even funnier though? Liam and Harry: What? Zayn: TURDY NINE! Everyone rolls on floor laughing:D

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"Over Again(One Direction Vampire Story)Niall Horan Love Story - Introduction" by Macie_Lynn - "Macie was like every other teenager but she was a vampire. She was bit by her old boyfriend Niall Horan…"

Niall Horan Best Man Brother Greg Horan Wedding 27 MARCH 2013 http://onedirectionpictures.blogspot.com/

Niall at Greg's wedding. And although i am disgusted that some directioners were not decent enough to leave him alone while at his brothers wedding, i do quite enjoy this picture of him in that stunning suit

I love Niall Horan!♥he is so cute and very very good singer!!!!

✨Infinite 1D✨ on

Niall Horan is perfection. tell me you hate him and I'll high five you. in the face. with a chair.

I got Niall Horan! Can We Guess Who Your Favorite One Direction Member Is? got it right! You got: Niall Horan He’s the most adorable of the bunch. Much like your favorite stuffed animal, you would like to cuddle with Niall while he keeps you safe and warm. Unlike your favorite stuffed animal, you totally wanna make out with him too. There’s no resisting this Irish song bird.

Can We Guess Who Your Favorite One Direction Member Is?

Everybody and their grandmother is familiar with One Direction. I am not gonna lie, I really thought was a flash in the pan, one hit wonder type of group when they came on the scene with their first big single "What Makes You Beautiful.


Niall Horan Dirty Imagines

Grimmy Calls Niall Horan Radio 1 Goodness I just love Niall's accent. His so cute and funny.

Always i smile when i see that guy♥

Imagines with Niall Horan - 12. You're drunk and he is sober

Quick cuppa before Glasgow show last night for Nialler!Wallpaper and background photos of Niall Horan for fans of One Direction images.

How he can be so cute!!!!!♥♥♥

Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful boys I know inside and out! He is an amazing person. His smile can light up the darkest heart. I wish I could tell him in person how amazing and adorable he is. I love you so much Nialler!

Look at Niall!♥

Which One Direction Guy Should Be Yours, And Which Song Did He Sing Just For You?!


Niall Horan,, hey this was at niall horan charity football match in leister I was there great day x

Niall James Happy Birthday and you mean so muc to the directioner keep staying Beautiful