great styling idea via Apartment Therapy -- Just had a great idea! On your trips, send a post card to yourself describing some of the little things that have happened to you -- the things you may forget over the years but are so special. Then do a display

charcoal table runner, photo by Emily Wren #weddingideas #tablerunner

Front & Palmer Philadelphia Wedding

charcoal table runner, photo by Emily Wren #weddingideas #tablerunner

Wise Wise Wise Wise Wise Wise - thought this could be a good alternative altar option since you could hang the fabric on a frame w/o having to worry about it being exposed. Also it'd be a pretty way to incorporate eucalyptus into a garland.

Long sleeve lace wedding dress... by the beach! However, I prefer my wedding the be small and a backyard setting. This is beautiful though! Can't go wrong with a gorgeous dress on any beautiful day!