Elegant, reserved....

My favorite hijabi look of all time. Wish I could find a long cardigan in this…

Fashion will be revolutionized with the new essence of modest clothing designs that are slowly being incorporated into many designer lines of fashion

don't think the hijab is attached, but I'm trying to figure how to make the abaya with attached hood so all you need is a full under cap and you are done!

VS Essential Scarf Shimmer Series in Teal Blue - Love this colour

Like the fact her hijab drapes long enough to cover her front, stylish but syar'i :)

Accentuating black with stripes n checkers! Brilliant!

Printed and Embroidered Kimono Style Abaya Collection - Girls Hijab Style & Hijab Fashion Ideas

Anna Hariri gorgeous and they are doing a giveaway now. you can enter

Maha Printed Maxi Dress

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