Annj ♥

Annj ♥

I sing your name over the airwaves, but you never listen. ♐ ♕
Annj ♥
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People get drunk. They kiss the wrong person. And pretend to be okay. People will do anything to distract their heart. They will do anything to distract it from missing someone. And ya he made me do it !

Very True! Liars, cheaters, and woman beaters..... A smart woman will not accept these type of men. --- Mandy

I remember the first person who told me I dodged a bullet when you left. She winked, hugged me, and she just knew. And then I knew, I'd be ok too. I would have NEVER seen the truth had I not opened my eyes and truly paid attention.

Soul mates

"my heart dropped as i read each word, as if she peeked through the depths of my heart and plucked each truth out. lang leav had found me and unintentionally shared my secret." -seducethesoul Soulmates by lang leav