we never knew as children, what the meaning behind most of these quotes meant. but looking back i learned so many lessons about love from this chubby teddy and his piggy friend. <—overly pinning Winnie the Pooh quotes and DON'T CARE.

Family Choir

Family Choir -these guys live outside my bedroom window and start singing about 5 am

I like Giraffes

Damn spiders…

Llama llama llama

Llamas in the mist. If LLamas or Alpacas are kept on their own they literally die of loneliness.

What I love about Country Life

ZsaZsa Bellagio: Sweet Stuff I love goats! This lovely image is from Fairview Winery which became famous for its 'goat tower' ~~ sweet moments among friends ~~ The winery is in South Africa

Alpaca crias

Whats better than one baby alpaca?