Chanel, circa When you wish upon a star, makes no difference where you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you (including a vintage chanel diamond necklace?


Cathy Waterman - Love of My Life Platinum / Diamond / Aquamarine Emerald Cut Forest Ring; this is so gorgeous.and unique


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So many PRETTY things (35 photos)

Love the idea of a blingy umbrella. Make even gray days sparkle & shine…

Cushion Cut Diamonds..

What is a cushion cut engagement rings?:Engagement rings are very popular so they don’t need any kind of introduction. We all know that when two people get engaged then they share a ring which is know


This is not Just a Strand Of Pearls! Custom Multi-Strand Perfect Glass Pearls I love how the various sizes are combined to make this piece so Beautiful and Interesting.

Rene Lalique Tiara made out of tortoise shell and cabochon moonstones

Lalique’s Moonstone Tiara; Rene Lalique Tiara made out of tortoise shell and cabochon moonstones at Marie Poutine’s Jewels Royals. fit for an empress of the stars

Gypsy jewels....

Pirate Treasure fer ye buccaneers, but don't ye be forgettin' that not all treasure is jewels or silver and gold !


Broach Belt- Bridesmaids wear color belt with broach- MOH wears belt color for dress (flip it with bridesmaids)


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