This is such a sweet pose to add to your must-haves for your engagement photo list. The ring is one of the most important parts of any engagement shoot, and this pose does a great job of including the ring, without being overly in your face.


"Nothing is alright Matty!" Abbie said tears filling her eyes "I can't even get my hair to look alright." Matty smiled and shook his head "Sit down" "Why?" "I may not be able to fix what my brother did. but I can fix your hair."


I'm glad you're home, and dancing in my kitchen. Won't you miss me at work? I miss seeing you, and checking on you. Knowing your safe. But I don't miss worrying that your going to die. Well I miss watching you work. Don't go get sick. Don't worry.

"This makes me want to kiss someone in a field," said Bernie Smathers. "Or a carpark. It's the kissing that matters."

I believe dogs are better than people. I believe that laughing cures almost anything. I believe in red lipstick. I believe that how a person handles tangled Christmas lights says a lot about their character. And I believe in miracles, always.

Article: Love- From a Sex Addict's Perspective "Most people who struggle with addiction want love, but their own battle prevents them from getting what they really want - true intimacy"


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