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colorful tropical plants and flowers in a garden
Perla del Sur
Festival de las Flores en Aibonito. [Foto: Omar Alfonso | La Perla del Sur].....☀Puerto Rico☀
many different colored plants and trees in the woods
The International Cordyline Society
an assortment of tropical plants and flowers in a garden
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Candlestick plant and variagated lily - Dennis Hundscheid's Gallery IMG_2281
many different types of plants in a garden
Hundscheidt Open Garden visit
red flowers and green plants in front of a white building with chairs on the porch
Plant Profile in Landscape outlook Magazine - Garden Expressions
Due to the relatively narrow base of this plant, it can be kept easily at one meter diameter, ‘Hot Rio Nights’ works well as a screen plant in narrow spaces. It fans out to 3 to 4 meters at the top giving plenty of coverage. No leaf drop makes it ideal for planting near swimming pools. It also works well as an accent plant or to fill a large space amongst other tropical plants. It can be a good alternative to Bamboo, it will stay true to size and perform for years given the right maintenance.
a garden with lots of trees and plants in the middle of it, along with a white railing
Tabu: Tropical Paradise in Cairns, Queensland
Tabu: Tropical Paradise in Cairns, Queensland
the garden is full of colorful plants and trees
Tropical Patio Design Ideas - DIY Design & Decor
Tropical Patio Design Ideas, Renovations & Photos
the bench is surrounded by tropical plants and trees
Gdy tęsknimy za latem. Jesienią oraz zimą często brakuje nam słońca. Doskwiera nam także niedosyt zieleni. Nawet najlepszy ogrodnik nie jest bowiem w stanie sprawić, by ogród utrzymywał swoją świetność przez okrągły rok. W momentach, gdy tęsknimy za latem, wakacjami i słońcem, dobrze jest wybrać się w miejsce, gdzie zieleni będzie pod dostatkiem. Warto wybrać się np. do palmiarni, gdzie znajdziemy wspaniałe rośliny. #ogród #rośliny #tropikalne ##ławka
tropical garden with palm trees and other plants
A Balinese-inspired garden in Sydney's Northern Beaches
We were influenced by the many lush tropical gardens in our coastal neighbourhood and overseas, too," she says. "Tropical plants are also amazingly hardy. It also helps that Bilgola is full of red volcanic soil so everything grows really well!"
there are many green plants in the window sill
T H E T R O P I C S #paradise #bali
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and wooden boards on the ground, along with graveled walkways
Greg and Nicki’s Lush Tropical Courtyard
Add symmetry to hosta garden add larger trellis. traveller’s palm provides vertical drama in this tight space, bookended by the octopus-like forms of Myers asparagus ferns. Greg transformed the bare [Colorbond](http://www.colorbond.com/|target="_blank") fence on a tight budget by creating a decorative framework panel from simple garden stakes. Bamboo screening panels were framed with lengths of recycled timber. Photo: Scott Hawkins
a red flower in the middle of some green leaves and plants with lots of foliage around it
Heliconia Taumalolo
Heliconia Taumalolo
a white and pink flower surrounded by green leaves on a tree branch in the forest
Gardenia imperialis on JSTOR
Gardenia imperialis
a red and green plant with lots of leaves on it's side in the grass
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