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Also add brown sugar and cinnamon for a scrub - suggested to me by an aesthetician at a resort in Panama.


Enjoyed either warm or cold, a bowl of creamy tapioca pudding is at the same time, a filling snack and comforting dessert. Layered with a sweet strawberry compote and flavored with cardamom, this make-ahead grown-up version is sure to keep you sated.

A prayer for today #prayernote #prayer #Prayer

God loves to hear our prayers, no matter our word choice. Psalm 88 is proof! So when we experience feelings of desperation and we're tempted to plunge into despair, we must remember to pray before any other action.

About timing...

So true! - "I've lost people and found them again. The second time around, things just made more sense. Honestly, timing has a lot to do with everything. Sometimes, you aren't ready for each other yet.