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Beautiful antique books

Land of Lions

Carl Aubock

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Sangoma fortune telling bones - Among the Zulu sangoma diviners of South Africa…

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Noirs colorés Bruns foncés | Leather and pressed paper photo cases. Tumblr

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Asian ojime beads, carved from ivory, bone, celluloid, cinnabar strung on a…

7: 26 Ojime beads inc. shibayama, ivory, cinnabar : Lot 7


Victorian Era Aquarium

Victorian Era Aquarium Edouard Lièvre (1810-1892) et Ferdinand Barbedienne (1828-1886), aquarium japonisant, Paris, circa 1875.

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German skeleton costume circa 1915

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Iron coffin found during Old Catholic Cemetery reinterrments, 1896 in Wheeling, WV.

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Anno Domini Home

In Greek mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War, the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer's Iliad.

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Automaton With Sphere

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leather doll

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vintage rubber dolls

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armani veil

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Hairwork mourning bracelet with photo locket

New Orleans Museum of Art

Moniek Schrijer - Untitled, 2011-12, pendants, iron nails, sterling silver, natural minerals, various sizes, photo: Moniek Schrijer – (Whitireia 2012 BA degree)



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Cat Skull

Cat Skull by nikkiburr on deviantART

Symbol meanings on gravestones

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Anno Domini Home

19th C. Odd Fellows "Heart in Hand" staff finial

Anonymous Works

Titan 17.8" Quartz Rock Crystal Carved Crystal Skull

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The dreaded scotch egg - a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked. One egg = almost 400 calories with over 60% saturated fat. Mmmm...comes with complimentary digitalis for that inevitable heart attack and a living will form.

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AMAZING black antique leather suitcase with skulls - gothic dreams

Antique Leather Travel Case with Skulls

Old Horned Goat Skull at Gothic Rose by GothicRoseAntiques on Etsy

Old Horned Goat Skull at Gothic Rose Antiques

Old Black Phillip Occult Altar Box with by GothicRoseAntiques

Old Black Phillip Occult Altar Box with Wicked Contents at Gothic Rose Antiques