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Louisa May Alcott at her writing desk in Orchard House. Love "Little Women"... who knew as a young girl I would be blessed with my own 4 "little Women"!


Louisa May Alcott's "Orchard" Home - Concord, MA. This is the desk where Louisa wrote Little Women :) Not sure if this is right. I have been to her home and the desk is in her bedroom and it is white.

Our Beautiful World – Pictures - My Honeys Place

the letter

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Filigree Pen & Ink Well

Juried Glass Art Work - Filigree Pen & Ink Well by Michael & Sheila Ernst

Love letter

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Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard.: Love Letters

Von echten Liebesbriefen und echtem Flohmarkt-Glück...

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The Enchanted Cove

ahhh the perfect nib--it's such a wonderful feeling as it paints its way across the page of one's journal or in a letter to a friend. The ballpoint industry should carry a certain weight of shame for having retired the artistry of the ink nib for the banality of ballpoints. The fountain pen still thrives on today; but sadly only amongst a certain group of poshies. Back in the day, fountain pens & inkwells were common to children growing up in school whether rich & poor.

Le Love

Ink: Abraham Lincoln's #Inkwell.


Ink: Late 1800s brass #inkwell with sterling, filigree #dip #pen.

2002 January

Ink: Jane Austen #pen, #pencil, and #ink set.

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mid to late 1800s wax seal on envelope

Wax Seal from United States Treasury of New York

My last few blog posts have been serious but I think very pertinent to all business owners. However we can't be serious all the time can we? So this week I am sharing a client testimonial ...

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Ostrich feather magic: connected to Maat, Goddess of truth and justice, assisting in excorcisms, outrunning adversaries and understanding all aspects of denial.


dipping pen and ink with seal: This represents Gary Bott as happy that some1 other than CBP has gone to market providing a collaborative community-social media-ecommerce site for artists. If its good enough for the gay community -, then its good enough for the faith-based community at CBP. Remind anyone of CBP-Visual Arts? Dave, pls. confirm.

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Stock photo ✓ 11 M images ✓ High quality images for web & print | Old letter with vintage feather quill

Image of 'old letter with vintage feather quill'

To write letters. The old fashioned way. Vintage ink and Pen.

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Ancient parchment with wax seal and quill pen | #medieval #ancientparchment

Wax seal and quill pen

glass pen

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How to use Glass Dip Pens

Article: How to Use a Glass Dip Pen -

SUBMISSION: For my 4th day of my 365 Project I took out my little collection of inkwells, pens and nibs and organized them neatly.

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civil war letter

Civil War Letters

“A letter is a blessing, a great and all-too-rare privilege that can turn a private moment into an exalted experience.” – Alexandra Stoddard

October 2011