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Books Worth Reading

Books Worth Reading

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I see Mitt's book on this shelf! Can you spot it?

  • English Atkins
    English Atkins

    Agree, Bobbie, but I am a sucker for opera and Latin America. Bel Canto had me from page 1.

  • English Atkins
    English Atkins

    Agree, Bobbie, but I am a sucker for opera and Latin America. Bel Canto had me from page 1.

  • Lynnette Hardy
    Lynnette Hardy

    Found it! It is a great book. I'm actually reading it for the second time. There's just so much pessimistic garbage out there. I swear, even coming from folks in Church is this idea that America should embrace a European form of socialism. Well we can see just how well that's working out for them. Europe is at a crossroads now. Capitalism works!! And it's not about becoming a successful businessman or woman and making billions or how many cars you drive or vacation homes you own. Capitalism is about gaining control over your own destiny. There is no other system in the world that can compare to ours.

  • Lynnette Hardy
    Lynnette Hardy

    I like to point out that socialism and capitalism might both be viewed as "equalizers". Socialism does so by dragging everyone down and by punishing those who dare climb higher than their neighbors. Eventually, everyone ends up in the mud. Capitalism brings equality by lifting people up, giving everyone a chance to realize their greatest potential. We applaud success. We never apologize for realizing our potential, whether as individuals or a nation. Mitt realizes this. He knows what it means to be an American. That guy sitting in the White House right now doesn't understand America at all. He thinks we should be more like Europe. Well, if we don't fight for the values that made America the greatest nation on earth, that is exactly where we'll end up.

  • Lynnette Hardy
    Lynnette Hardy

    I have this habit, when ever I'm in someone's house for the first time, of checking out the collection of books displayed on their shelves. You can tell alot about the people who live in a home by what they read. I'd love to browse Mitt and Ann's.

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Reading this now.

  • Joyce Gray
    Joyce Gray

    Love finding new book suggestions. Just ordered for my kindle, sounds very interesting,

  • Country Rose Lane
    Country Rose Lane

    I thought you would love this book. True stories of hope for the horse lovers soul.

  • Bobbie Williams
    Bobbie Williams

    Unfortunately, It's not about horses at all. It's more about the Aristocratic Roosevelt Family.

  • Country Rose Lane
    Country Rose Lane

    Yeah, this one is. The link I posted, though, is about horses, Very inspirational. Just mentioned because I know Ann loves horses.

  • Deanna Rasch
    Deanna Rasch

    Love TR, one of my favorite quotes of his: " Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those timid spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

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One of my favorites.

  • Loriel Smith
    Loriel Smith

    WONDERFUL book!

  • Cindi Griffin
    Cindi Griffin

    Got it on the Kindle - one of my favorites of all time.

  • Karen Moore
    Karen Moore

    I read this a long time ago and I think I was too young to appreciate it. I do remember reading it but I don't remember the story! I will give it another read this summer!

  • English Atkins
    English Atkins

    Love this book! Read it in high school and then again a few years ago in a book club. Real characters that stay in your memory forever.

  • Jenny Thalman
    Jenny Thalman

    It's not about adultery and suicide (per Virginia's comment). It's a book about marriage. In Tolstoy's writing, we have his version of a horrible marriage (Anna), an 'average' marriage (her brother Oblonsky), and an excellent marriage (Kitty). I believe this is an excellent book for any woman to have as a favorite, and if you don't know that, perhaps you should read it (or reread it).

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Just read this one.

  • Rachel Tischler
    Rachel Tischler

    I loved this book......... one of my favourites,

  • Brenda Ziegler Cieslak
    Brenda Ziegler Cieslak

    Loved this book!

  • Elizabeth

    LOVE Kate Morton! All of her books are great. Just finished The Secret Keeper yesterday - WOW is all I can say!!!

  • Cindy Jones
    Cindy Jones

    I haven't read Kate Morton yet but if you like British writers, try some of the old writers from the UK like, D. E. Stevenson, Elizabeth Cadell, and Scottish writer, Rosamunde Pilcher. Love the old writers....

  • Elegna Elegna
    Elegna Elegna

    loved this book

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