But it is not this day!

He looks so fab in this like yes team jensen will never die lol Like I just had a flash of Christian Grey

gaw that face.....

Jensen Ackles unconsciously wipes his mouth with shirt; cracks up as he realizes he flashed audience JIBCon 2015 AND then Misha Collins told him "in one slight flick of your wrist you just sold our Jus In Bello .

<3<3<3 Jensen #jibcon6

Aww, this breaks my heart! There are tears in his eyes in the last picture // Jensen Ackles singing sweet home alabama

Jensen - JIBCon2015

The fact that Jensen is now comfortable with singing at cons and sharing his passion for music with the fans is truly heartwarming. I admire his courage and I appreciate every song he sings because I know he gets pretty shy when he's performing

Jensen - AHBL2015 in Melbourne

jensen ackles. on

“the shirt + jacket + jeans + shoes + all view [Jensen Ackles has the perfect style ever]

the stare! DCCON 2015

grumpyjackles: “his faces are my favorite thing. just … ugh. Jensen Ackles - Gold Exclusive Panel - Salute to Supernatural DC.